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How to update the ReelUp widget position

How to update the Reelup widget position.

To update the reel position, follow these steps:

Step 1. Access Shopify Theme Customize:
Log in to your Shopify admin panel.
Navigate to Online Store > Themes.
Find the theme you want to edit and click Customize.

Step 2. Locate the Reel Section:
Look for the section that contains the reel you want to update. This might be in the homepage settings or a specific product page, depending on your theme setup.

Step 3. Adjust Reel Position:
Within the customization panel, there should be options for adjusting the reel position.
It might be represented as a draggable element. Drag the reel to the desired position.

Step 4. Preview and Save Changes:
Preview the changes to see how the reel looks in its new position.
If you're satisfied with the position, click Save to apply the changes.

Updated on: 06/12/2023

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