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Step-by-step guide to tagging products

Step-by-Step Guide to Tagging Products in ReelUp

Welcome to ReelUp, your go-to e-commerce app for creating engaging shoppable videos! Tagging products in your reels is a straightforward process that enables you to showcase your merchandise effectively.

Follow these simple steps to tag products and enhance your customers' shopping experience:

Step 1: Upload Your Reel Begin by uploading your reel to ReelUp. You can import videos from Instagram or TikTok, or directly upload videos from your local device. Ensure your reel is of high quality and visually appealing to captivate your audience.

Step 2: Tag Your Products After successfully uploading your reel, it's time to tag your products. Here's how you can do it:

Go to the Reel Library and click on the edit product option.

Click on 'Tag': Within the ReelUp dashboard, select the uploaded reel you want to tag. Look for the 'Tag' option and click on it.

Select the Product: A list of your products will appear. Choose the product that corresponds to the item featured in your reel. This ensures that viewers can directly purchase the showcased product.

Congratulations! You have successfully tagged your products in ReelUp, making your videos shoppable and enhancing your customers' shopping journey.

Updated on: 05/12/2023

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